Droopy Nose

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Definition of Droopy Nose Surgery

A droopy nose is literally a case where the tip of the nose is drooping. As a result, the nose looks long and makes you look older. The causes are diverse, so The Plus Plastic Surgery Clinic’s droopy nose surgery plans and performs surgery according to each individual’s condition.

Causes of Droopy Nose

  1. Occurs when the support structure of the nose tip is weak
  2. Occurs when the muscle that pulls the nose tip down is excessively developed
  3. Occurs when the size of the nasal septal cartilage or nasal wing cartilage is large and long
  4. Occurs when the nasal root (the side of the forehead of the nose) is excessively high
  5. Occurs in patients with thick skin due to weight and gravity
  6. Occurs when the length of the nose is normal, but accompanied by a beak nose
  7. Occurs due to aging

Surgery CASE by Type of Droopy Nose

Patients with a droopy nose usually have a low nasal tip, beak nose deformity, arrow nose deformity, etc.

A. Droopy Nose Accompanied by a Large Nose


B. Droopy Nose Accompanied by a Beak Nose


C. Drooping nose accompanied by hypertrophy even when not making a facial expression


Drooping nose accompanied by hypertrophy when making a facial expression

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