Correcting A Crooked Nose

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Crooked Nose

Understanding Crooked Nose Reoperation

A crooked nose can occur for various reasons, such as the nose bone bending due to an implant or the recurrence of a previously operated-on crooked nose. Neglecting a crooked nose can not only negatively impact your appearance but also cause problems such as nasal congestion and rhinitis.

The Need for Nasal Interior Correction

1. When the nasal septal cartilage is bent.
2. When symptoms of rhinitis or sinusitis recur.
3. When the nose is bent due to trauma.
4. When the balance of the face is not right and it appears twisted.

If you have a crooked or hooked nose, there’s a high probability that the nasal septal cartilage may be bent to the left or right. This can cause symptoms such as rhinitis, sinusitis, and nasal congestion. If these symptoms appear, it’s crucial to consult with a specialist and consider correction.

Reoperation for Crooked Nose due to Inflammation or Infection

If you’re planning to re-operate a crooked nose due to inflammation or infection, there’s a high risk of side effects from the artificial implant. If such symptoms appear, the artificial implant is removed and the crooked nose reoperation is performed using your own nasal septal cartilage or dermis.

Crooked Nose Reoperation Cases

Case 1: Nasal Septum Bent in Septoplasty