Foreign Body Removal

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Foreign body removal

What is Foreign Body Removal Surgery?

Foreign Body Removal Surgery, in a broad sense, is a procedure to remove any material other than self-tissue in the nose. This surgery is performed if an inflammatory reaction occurs due to unnecessary injections, or if an excessively large implant from a previous surgery causes deformation of the nasal septum or nasal cartilage.

When is Foreign Body Removal Surgery Needed?

Foreign Body Removal Surgery is needed in the following cases:

① If any type of foreign body or implant is located too close to the skin.
② If skin irritation occurs due to excessive pressure from the implant.
③ If there is chronic inflammation due to a foreign body.
④ If old silicone has calcified.

Before and After Cases of Foreign Body Removal Surgery

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Case 1: Secondary Surgery Patient Complaining of Severe Obstruction in the Right Nasal Cavity
Case 2: Patient Who Had a Foreign Body Injection