Inflammatory Nose (Acute/Chronic)

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Understanding Inflammatory Nose Surgery

Inflammatory nose surgery is a procedure performed when a prosthesis pierces the nose or pus is discharged post-surgery. In East Asian nose surgeries, where the use of prosthetics is high, failure to properly address all types of inflammation can lead to serious side effects and complications. Therefore, The Plus Plastic Surgery prioritizes minimizing the occurrence of inflammation through comprehensive preventative measures and timely treatment when inflammation occurs.

Causes of Inflammatory Nose

1. Smoking or drinking after nose surgery.
2. Hypersensitive reaction of the body’s immune system.
3. Stress.
4. Skin immune responses such as rosacea and keloid.

Inflammatory Nose Surgery Method

1. Removal and washing of prosthesis.
2. Taking antibiotics for 1~2 weeks.
3. Appropriate disinfection and use of anti-inflammatory drugs.
4. Cessation of smoking and drinking.

Case Studies: Before and After Inflammatory Nose Surgery


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