Low Nose

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Low nose

Understanding Low Nose Surgery

Low nose surgery is typically required when the bridge of the nose is low. In most cases, a low bridge is accompanied by a low nose tip. Therefore, the procedure often involves raising both the bridge and the tip of the nose. Asians, in particular, tend to have a low bridge, necessitating a significant lift. This often involves the use of artificial implants, which can increase the risk of complications compared to using autologous (one’s own) tissue. It’s crucial to understand the patient’s individual condition and use only the necessary amount of materials to avoid overdoing the surgery.

When is Low Nose Surgery Needed?

Low nose surgery may be necessary in the following cases:

① When the face lacks three-dimensionality and appears flat.
② When the nose tip is low and protrusion minimal.
③ When the bridge of the nose is low.
④ When the nose appears low and short in comparison to the facial structure.

Method of Low Nose Surgery

If only the bridge of the nose needs to be raised, closed nose surgery is possible. However, if the tip of the nose also requires surgery, an open surgery that exposes the bridge and tip of the nose is more advantageous.

Changes After Low Nose Surgery

See the transformation before and after low nose surgery: