Nostril and Nasal Wing (Alar Retraction) Correction

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Low nose

What is Alar Retraction?

Alar retraction is a condition where the nostril part appears raised when viewed from the front, making the nostrils highly visible. This often requires correction. Ideally, when viewed from the side, the distance between the long axis of the nostril and the alar cartilage should be about 1-2mm.

Causes of Alar Retraction

1. Deformation due to the contraction of the implant and its capsule.
2. Damage to the alar cartilage due to incorrect manipulation.
3. Underdevelopment of the alar cartilage.
4. Inward deviation of the alar cartilage due to excessive suturing.
5. Deformation of the alar cartilage.

Surgical Methods for Alar Retraction by Case

Correction methods can vary depending on the type of alar retraction. It’s generally understood that there are limitations to correcting the thick skin of the alar through surgery, making these cases typically more challenging.

Case A: Medial Alar Retraction

This condition is characterized by inward nostrils, giving the inside of the nostrils a triangular appearance. It often occurs as a result of surgery.

Before and After Medial Alar Retraction Surgery:





Case B: Central Alar Retraction

Central alar retraction is when the nostril is in the center. If correction fails, the tip of the nose can thicken, so caution is needed.

Before and After Central Alar Retraction Surgery:





Case C: Lateral Alar Retraction

This condition is when the outside of the nostril is raised, usually due to congenital causes.

Before and After Lateral Alar Retraction Surgery:





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