Wide Nose and Alar Reduction

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Wide nostrils

What are Wide Nostrils?

Wide nostrils can occur due to various reasons, such as weak support at the tip of the nose or a genetic predisposition towards wide nostrils.

Cases Requiring Nostril Reduction Surgery

Classification of wide noses
Classification of wide noses

① Patients with a wide interalar distance, i.e. those with naturally wide nostrils.
② Patients whose interalar distance is normal, but the nostrils are visible from the front (upturned nose).
③ Patients with alar retraction.
④ Patients with columellar retraction.
⑤ Patients with insufficient nasal tip protrusion or low nasal bridge, which can make the nostrils appear wide.

Key Points of The Plus Nostril Reduction Surgery

① Minimize external scars.
② Ensure a natural look without any awkwardness for cosmetic purposes.
③ Prevent weakening of respiratory function due to excessive reduction.
④ Once the nostrils and nasal cavity are reduced, it is impossible to restore them to their original state, so accurate consultation is essential to determine whether nostril reduction is the right choice for you.

Changes After Nostril Reduction Surgery: Case Studies